Michael Schaus

America’s largest shotgun manufacturer has decided to move more of its business to the Republic of Texas. The news that O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. chose not to expand their business in Connecticut shouldn’t really come as a surprise. States that have zealously pursued more restrictive gun control policies have seen their historically loyal firearm manufacturers begin an exodus to friendlier locales. Mossberg has decided to move more of its manufacturing process to Texas in light of Connecticut’s recent legislative attempts to demonize their industry; such as implementing a confiscation registration process, and outlawing future sales of various firearms categorized by a specific behavior (i.e. assault weapons).

The recent announcement from Mossberg goes to prove that anti-gun policies are, in fact, wrong on virtually every political level. They are generally unpopular, morally abhorrent, administratively unenforceable, socially ineffective, and economically suicidal. In fact, as I have previously written, there is a very strong correlation between gun rights and general prosperity. And that correlation does not exist merely because a few jobs may, or may not, be lost due to a few Bloomberg-approved laws and regulations.

Laws like Connecticut’s recent gun-control attempts (or Chicago’s gun ban; or New York’s firearm restrictions; or California’s weapon prohibitions; or…) are generally a barometer for individual liberty. After all, a government that is distrusting of individuals’ power to protect themselves is unlikely to trust an individual’s right to engage freely in the markets, manage business without beauracratic oversight, or make personal decisions about their lifestyle choices. (This explains why the anti-gun crusader, Mike Bloomberg, also has a penchant for outlawing high-capacity sodas.)

Michael Schaus

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