Matt Lewis

Floyd Brown has angered the Left … again.  Salon calls his recent TV ads about Barack Obama "inflammatory," and refers to him as "right-wing con man."  Such is life for a man who has made a career out of saying what others are afraid to say.  Even McClatchy Newspapers says he's one of the nations "best-known conservative political knife throwers."

Brown is used to it.  As one of the creators of the now-infamous 1988 Willie Horton ads which helped defeat Michael Dukakis, Brown has been a pariah of the Left for twenty years now.  It’s a way of life.

And just like in 1988, today Brown is engaged in an effort to inform the public about how out-of-touch the Democratic nominee for president is.  His new site – -- is aimed at leveling the playing field, and informing the public of things which the establishment media might otherwise not get around to discussing.

Some of the controversy, no doubt, stems from Brown's refusal to avoid talking about something that sophisticated people in the chattering classes have decided is off-limits:  “The Muslim issue."  

According to Brown:  "I believe that on the Obama (web) site, where he said he was -- quote, N-E-V-E-R -- never -- a Muslim, I believe he was being disingenuous.  In fact, if you followed what he said closely, when he was interviewed by the L.A. Times, he actually hedged and said he was never a 'practicing' Muslim."

Brown accuses the media of avoiding this issue because it is politically incorrect to mention.   But despite the attacks on Brown’s character, his position is more nuanced than you might expect.  He acknowledges that Obama is not a Muslim now, but says the news media has not accurately described the fact that Obama was, in fact, born a Muslim -- and according to Brown, technically speaking, while this is unfamiliar to most Western thought: "that's how you become Muslim.”  

Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis is conservative writer and blogger based in Alexandria, VA.

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