Matt Batzel

President Obama avoided Wisconsin like the plague during the Walker recall campaign season because he didn't want to be associated with the liberals’ losing effort which came up 7 points short. Up until today, Obama has only visited Wisconsin twice in the past eight months (his last visit before the June 5 recall election was February 15 to Masterlock).

This morning, Obama visited Green Bay and he has two more plans to visit Wisconsin before November 6. So that's 2 visits in 8 months, then 3 last minute visits in the campaigns' final 5 days. These are the signs of a President who senses he is on the ropes and must win Wisconsin in order to be re-elected.

Polling has been all over the place for the Presidential race in Wisconsin. Rasmussen Reports has showed it tied in their two latest Wisconsin polls, but Marquette Law Poll has jumped all over the place, from Obama leading by 11 in late September, to only 1 point in the middle of October, to now leading by 8 points. As Wisconsin conservative talk show radio host Charlie Sykes pointed out, this wild movement in polling suggests Marquette Law Poll isn't on the money this time. NBC News/Marist/Wall St. Journal's latest poll has Romney cutting Obama's prior edge in half (it was 6 points 3 weeks ago) and now is only 3 points (within the margin of error). This poll had a +5 D sample. So if the electorate is merely +1 D, Obama is in real trouble.

Matt Batzel

Matt Batzel is the Wisconsin State Director for American Majority Action.