Marita Noon

Following a rough week for Obamacare, the President, understandably, wants to pivot to anything other than the devastating coverage of

On Friday, November 8, Obama arrived in New Orleans to talk about improving the U.S. economy. There, he drew attention to the already forgotten government shutdown: “there’s no question that the shutdown harmed our jobs market. The unemployment rate still ticked up. And we don't yet know all the data for this final quarter of the year, but it could be down because of what happened in Washington.”

Yes, 850,000 furloughed federal employees may have tipped the scales, but really they all got a free 16-day vacation. They were, ultimately, all paid.

Obama wants to blame the 16-day federal employee paid vacation on the Republicans—and there may well be fault there. But what about the thousands of jobs that have been lost due to the polices of his administration—people in the private sector who have been out of work for more than 16 months?

Because of what happens in Washington, thousands—if not millions—of private-sector employees have, effectively, been permanently furloughed and/or new jobs are not created as a result of the Obama Administration’s war on energy.

A quick search using the phrase “jobs lost due to coal-fired power plant closures” produces a plethora of stories with hundreds of job losses. Nearly 300 coal-fired power plants are being shutdown across the U.S. due to EPA regulations—which according to the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) is “five times greater than the EPA predicted would be forced to shut down due to its regulations.” Mike Duncan, President and CEO of ACCCE, says: “The EPA continues to downplay the damage its regulations are causing to the U.S. economy and to the many states that depend on coal for jobs and affordable electricity.”

In Massachusetts, the closure of Brayton Point Power Station—which is the second shutdown in the region, will cost 240 jobs.

Marita Noon

Marita Noon is Executive Director of Energy Makes America Great.