Lee  Culpepper

By avoiding hard questions in nearly every story connected to America’s most dysfunctional children, the liberal media help to perpetuate the fairytale about Democrats being the champions of society’s victims. However, who could be more of a victim than a child whose father’s love, discipline, and positive example have been replaced by the pretense of government benevolence?

Last week, a high school English teacher at one of Detroit’s gang-plagued public schools made headlines after she used a broomstick to strike a student who was fighting in her classroom. The rarely present student started the brawl with another apparent member of the juvenile-delinquent honor roll. Fearing for the other student’s safety, the petite woman acted desperately by caning the instigator with a broom handle. According to the teacher, the boy she hit has such a sporadic attendance record that she barely even knows him.

As usual, the media targeted the drama surrounding the teacher’s actions and conveniently ignored the pertinent issue that most certainly contributed to the boys’ violence. Where are their fathers?

The uncivilized behavior is far too common among youths without dads dedicated to their lives. Granted, a handful of fatherless kids overcome steep odds, but the vast majorities simply proliferate the cycle of more fatherless and dysfunctional children with half siblings sired by incredibly proud slackers.

Statistics about fatherless children reveal plenty concerning the chaos the news media pretend not notice almost every time stories involving bona fide juvenile delinquents appear. Of the youths in prison, 85 percent are from fatherless homes. Children without fathers account for 63 percent of youth suicides; 70 percent of teenage pregnancies; 80 percent of rapists with displaced anger; 85 percent of children with behavioral problems; and 71 percent of high school dropouts.

With liberals’ undaunted ability to ignore these ugly realities, they blame society and phantom privileges for the deplorable statistics that coincide irrefutably with the rise of their counterproductive dogmas. Welfare, anti-Christianity, no-fault divorce, government-school monopoly, and Dr. Spock discipline have done nothing but eliminate personal responsibility and accountability from our society.

Lee Culpepper

A former Marine Corps officer and a recovering high school English teacher, Lee Culpepper is a Christian, husband, writer, and mentor. Read and share other articles by Lee Culpepper at TheBlaze and BearingArms. Email Lee your feedback or inquiries here or contact Lee on Twitter @drcoolpepper.