Larry Elder

Obamalism: a political/social/economic philosophy that combines socialism, collectivism and redistributionism wrapped around a killer smile.

Welcome, Mr. President, to your new reality.

The Republicans need not "take over" Congress to slow the march of the most left-wing president ever elected. To clip President Barack Obama's wings, the GOP simply needs to carve into the once filibuster-proof Democratic Senate.

The new 1994 Republican majorities in the House and Senate forced then-President Bill Clinton to smell the center-right coffee. He then signed a more modest domestic budget, welfare reform (after two vetos) and capital gains tax cuts.

Despite Obama's defiant assertion that he would rather be a "really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president," he already reluctantly recognizes the reality of a Clinton-like post-midterm pivot. Consider the headline of a recent Wall Street Journal article based on interviews with shellshocked White House personnel: "Obama Likely to Scale Back Legislative Plans: In New Political Landscape, Incremental Approach Is in Works to Get Support for Some Proposals on Energy, Immigration."

"Hope and change" has been replaced with "hopeless and small change."

Recently, President Obama was asked this question: Would you veto a bill that extended the tax cut for the wealthy? Four times he refused to answer. Angry voters are fed up with a left-wing, job-killing, anti-business agenda. In every demographic -- racial, gender, age, ideological affiliation -- the President suffers declines in his peak popularity. Not since Mike Tyson in Tokyo have we witnessed a fall this steep. Even among blacks -- at 90 percent, his highest-rated demo -- his numbers are down from their high of 94 percent.

Former Vice President Walter Mondale even offered advice to Obama: Lose the teleprompter (which he less than charitably referred to as an "idiot board"). Mondale, you might recall, ran against President Ronald Reagan in 1984 -- and lost 49 states. When a guy like that offers advice, things are grim.

Blaming Bush no longer works. Obama indeed inherited a bad economy, drowning under a large debt and deficit. His solution? Tossing it an anvil.

Obama did not inherit the $800 billion-plus "stimulus" plan or various subsequent ones.

Obama did not inherit a "sweeping" financial regulation of Wall Street that leaves in place Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the Community Reinvestment Act, the primary drivers of the housing meltdown.

Obama did not inherit government takeovers of the automotive companies.

Larry Elder

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