Kevin McCullough

Dr. Susan Rice,

This week while fielding questions at a foreign policy lunch you broke out a new piece of your stand-up act. The "scoff at the idiots still asking about Benghazi" portion of your routine actually scored laughs from the mostly friendly crowd who came to lunch with you.

“Danged if I know,” Rice said, to audience laughter. “I mean honestly, the administration has produced, I think, 25,000 pages of documents. It’s hard to imagine what further will come of yet another committee."

Please excuse me if I didn't see the humor in it.

Besides being the only National Security Advisor to perhaps have ever used the word "danged" in public, (How does one dang? And how did it become past tense?) your assertion that the number of documents turned over to the committees investigating Benghazi to date speaks to a degree of transparency by the administration you work for or even yourself--is truly laugh worthy.

Yeah, thanks but I'm not buying the "Susie from the hood" comedy sketch and I will not be ordering the DVD.

Instead Advisor Rice what I would like to do is pose a few of the questions that remain unanswered. Questions that the families of the victims of the Benghazi attack deserve answers to. And ones that were not covered in your 25,000 pages.

1. Where was President Obama between roughly 5:30pm EST--following his meeting with Defense Secretary Panetta--and 6:00am the next morning? We've been given zero details, and it seems as though he was no where to be found.

2. Why didn't Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not call back--as she promised she would--to the State Department number two in Libya? Ambassador Stevens was incapacitated, Gregory Hicks places a call to Secretary Clinton, who after speaking with him promises a response and action and a follow up phone call. As Hicks has testified before Congress, he is still awaiting that call.

3. Why did President Obama blame the attack on a video the morning after the attack before leaving for a fund-raiser in Las Vegas? Due to testimony from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta we know that the President knew that it was a terrorist attack by no later than 5:30pm the night of the attack.

4. Why did the President and his team insist on placing you as the administration spokesperson on five Sunday news shows five days after the attack? At the time you had no connection to national security and your present role was that of the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. You were not qualified on your face, background, or position to be offering opinion on how an international terrorist attack had gone down.