Kevin McCullough

In the past four years, you and I gave Planned Parenthood $1,900,000,000.

Good thing the economy, job situation, and small business development is so stable in America, because I'm positive we didn't need any of that cash did we? You know... that we actually earned... and then gave to Planned Parenthood.

The silver lining over those four years?

1,200,000 children executed in the wombs of their mothers, mostly at the behest of irresponsible men in the lives of the women pregnant with them. And before you get all "rape and incest" on me, let's excuse the 1% of those nearly 1.2 million procedures and deal with the other 99%. That leaves us with 1,189,000 children, stamped out in the safest place they can ever be.

When you average it out, we taxpayers for the last four years have more or less paid out $1600 per killed child to an organization that promises not one dime goes to the procedures from the tax-payer coffers.

They respond by saying, "But we offer mammograms, and adoption, and other various medical/culturally needed resources."

But they don't. Planned Parenthood has never done mammograms, even when their lying chief executive--Cecile Richards--went on national television to claim they did.

As for adoptions, fewer babies are adopted through Planned Parenthood by more than 50% less than the percentage of babies aborted due to rape and incest. (1 in 149.)

Odd how that works though considering the tax-payer influx usually averages nearly 50% of the total income they receive. It is especially odd considering that abortion accounts for the majority of the activity Planned Parenthood involves itself in.

And that begs the question, "If they don't need the money for the majority of their work, why are we giving them the food from our children's mouths?"

In 2010 there was even some question as to whether or not they got more from the government than they actually spent for ALL operations in that specific fiscal year.

This week Planned Parenthood was busy defending a video they produced and marketed to children, whom they hope will engage in sexual activity. They had come under fire--for some unknown reason--for promoting the fact that this past October had been declared "kink" month. The adolescent looking host of the video, with some super cute name like "Laci," described in some precise detail the exact meanings of domination, submission, and bondage.

Smiling all the way through, she made all of the options sound like a total gas!

Which everyone over 14 can attest to... right?

Because everyone does such things... right?