Kevin McCullough

Last week the executive branch of our nation's government seemed recklessly ignorant of nearly everything related to their job. For a group of highly educated, highly accomplished, highly perched folks who seem to regularly look down on regular Americans they seemed extraordinarily ignorant of things they should at least have basic knowledge of.

The President claimed he had no idea of the findings of the IRS' Inspector General's report citing systemic agency wrong doing until he "saw it on the news (like the rest of the American people...)" The Attorney General said, "I don't know" so many times before congressional committees last week that private citizens began doing montages of the collected admission of ignorance for their YouTube channels. Then on Friday--trying the President's tactic--the outgoing IRS Commissioner reverted back to being unable to know anything until he had seen it "in the press."

While campaigning in 2008 & 2012 this administration asserted things all the time. When they made assertions they seemed nearly offended if someone questioned them. For after all they are a bunch of highly educated, highly accomplished, highly perched folks who seemed to think they had the right to look down on regular Americans.

But that's largely the way it's been for much of the last few years.

When running for office this President referred to people who knew their Constitution (normally in spite of their public education, seldom because of it), and worshipped God, as "Bitter Clingers."

After winning office he had his Secretary of Homeland Security classify people who lawfully owned firearms, happened to go to church, happened to respect the lives of unborn children, happen to have previously served in the nation's military, happen to strongly support the nuclear family, happen to pay their taxes, happen to walk dogs, or happen to wake up on Tuesdays and make it to their place of employment, labeled "potential extremists."