Kevin McCullough

President Obama has one hilarious week in front of him. At least that's how the headline in the New York Daily News put it: Hilarious week lined up for Obama, prez to appear on Fallon, Kimmel to roast him at White House dinner.

I guess laughing is better than crying.

It seems important to me to point out to the President that very few, and I mean very few, Americans feel the same way.

The Associated Press in a report by Hope Yen, just this morning, is pointing out that the graduating class of 2012 from our nation's university campus is in for a rough go. They are being added to the pool of recent college graduates that are already discovering roughly only one out of every two are able to find work, and of those that do, frequently they are underemployed.

The London Daily Mail is reporting that the cost to tax-payers for the investigative team to get into Cartagena, Columbia, launch the probe, conduct the level of investigation needed and ultimately hold the wrong doing secret service personnel responsible will exceed $1.5 million dollars. Considering the pictures of Secretary of State Clinton "clubbing it," our representatives to the Summit of the Americas getting caught flat-footed on Argentina's oil theft from Spain, and the President joking that Cartagena was looking like a place he and Michelle would like to find a vacation home near, pretty much everything associated with that summit made America look laughable.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops announced this weekend that they will formally oppose the President on his faux compromise in the Health and Human Services mandate forcing employers to bend to the moral contraception view of the White House. Going so far as to call on Catholics and other people of conscience to willfully disobey the mandate telling the President they are willing to go to prison rather than comply with the mandate's provisions.

Forbes magazine ran a piece by Obama supporter and global warming alarmist Steve Zwick advocating that people who oppose the President's policies on the controversy to have their homes burned to the ground, even refuse to save their homes, were they to accidentally be set ablaze.

The Washington Free Beacon reported earlier this month that while the White House and their DNC surrogates were criticizing GOP policies towards women, and in many cases women themselves, that it was the Executive branch that was discriminating against women by paying them nearly 18% less than male counterparts, doing the same jobs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.