Kevin McCullough

Since President Obama attributed his reasons for calling Sandra Fluke last week as pertaining to his desire to see his own daughters Sasha and Malia follow in her footsteps, you have to wonder if he hates his daughters.


Sandra Fluke researched Georgetown's policies, targeted them for attendance, ignored the three Planned Parenthood clinics within walking distance of the campus, and boldy lied before Congress about the financial burden her sex life had become. If that's what he wishes for his daughters, heaven help them.

Of course he also has hoped they would never know the "burden" of pregnancy too. Wow... no kids for life, just angry dishonest activism before the people's body, while talking up your sex life. Some dream for your kids huh?

All sarcasm aside, I don't believe that's what he wants for his daughters, but when it has to do with getting elected saying things that might imply as much is within the field of play huh?

Evidently it is.

You know what else is in play? Sending your campaign manager (who at one point was your White House Senior Advisor) to be on a television show that degrades women. Who'd a thought it?

Nevertheless that's the plan...

David Axelrod, one of the President's most trusted advisors, will be going on the show hosted by million-dollar-donor to the Obama SuperPAC Bill Maher sometime within the next few weeks.

Of course the left will somehow attempt to argue that while the icon of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, had earned every ounce of scorn the left could pronounce, Maher doesn't deserve the same merit because he's... (**shrugs**) While the left argues that Rush's advertisers (who are now flocking back to the largest media platform in America) were dropping him for trumped up non-sense about being disrespectful to women, Obama's advisor going on a show that has in recent months referred to women as dumb "tw*ts," and "c*nts" is just fine by him and everyone on Obama's team.

Evidently an advertiser supporting Rush Limbaugh is to be held accountable (and ruin their stock prices in the process), and disassociate themselves, but people who go on Maher's hate-fest can gain access to the ear of the leader of the free world without so much as a "should we think about the optics of this first" crossing somebody's brain.