Kevin McCullough

In the historic week that fulfilled the dream of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, the worst instincts possible from within America’s black community rained down foolishness upon America. Foolishness so great that even the non-violent Dr.King would be likely to reconsider corporal punishment.

According to CNN, African Americans across the nation, by a majority of 69%, see the dream that King spoke of with such clarity as having been achieved in the rise to the Oval Office.

The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as our nation’s 44th president should have been an occasion of historic optimism and hope. The net result of this historic week has actually rendered greater levels of racism in America, and furthered horrific persecution of the innocent abroad. President Obama is solely responsible for the latter, and is guilty of the former through his silence. What should be an occasion of historic joy and achievement has instead been marred by an ugliness that we have only President Obama to thank for.

During the festivities in Washington DC this week, rappers Jay-Z and Young Jeezy took to the mic amongst a teeming DC crowd to assault all who were present with shrieks of racism, profanity, and anti-patriotic displays. These expressions were present only because Barack Obama had been elected to the office of President. Setting aside the rampant use of the “N” word, the rappers, lacing their tirades with numerous F-bombs, hurled insults at white America with impunity.

This type of behavior is expected from Young Jeezy. Thugs who are raised to believe that women are sex objects, and that all white people are to be distrusted are expected to engage in animalistic, juvenile, and grossly hate-filled behavior. Perhaps when President Obama gets around to expanding the hate-crimes laws in the way he so wishes to, there will be a clause directed straight at the ignorant hip-hoppers who love the bling.

Jay-Z, on the other hand is a different story.

Jay-Z and his wife, singer Beyonce, had been guests of honor at President and Michelle Obama’s inaugural events.

When the need for votes from white Americans was the business of the campaign, Senator Obama repeatedly renounced associations with such profane expression. Nearly one week after the fact, Obama has yet to distance himself from this “celebration” that “honored” his ascendance to power. In his silence, as it pertains to his invited guests who made public displays and attributions to his election, he has allowed the advancement of ideas that are more racist and unjust than many of the expressions of segregation that were pervasive in his childhood.

Hope and Change?