Kevin McCullough

One of the perhaps most confusing sub-texts of the 2008 election has been the curious and in some cases surprising support that the candidates have and have not received from evangelical Christians. But if one looks at the record, and not merely the high rhetoric one thing for certain should be easily distinguishable - Barack Obama's record of votes, his view of government, and the ideas to which he aligns himself do not match the values, principles, and truths for biblical Christians.

Understanding this to be the case, and knowing that biblical Christians have a responsibility to act as wise stewards when casting their votes (render to Caesar, in our nation 'We the People' are Caesar etc.) it become imperative to speak with clarity on the issue.

For these few weeks my column will examine the most egregious examples of where Obama's record violates values, principles, and biblical truth.

After Barack Obama got rhetorically bludgeoned this week with the consequences of his own words to a working class guy from Toledo, the nation got a peek into his soul. It was not pretty and it should serve as a preview of what we can expect from Barack Obama towards those who disagree with him. It has been unattractive, unbecoming of someone running for President, and certainly riddled with hypocrisy and double standard.

Think about it. Just two days before Barack Obama eagerly walks up to a working "Joe," fields a question about his policies, and gives his answer.

Only two days later Obama, Biden, the DNC, and many in the mainstream leftist establishment (you call them the media) go wall to wall on the attack against... the man who asked the question, not the one who gave the answer.

Of course it was one of the worst answers ever given by any presidential candidate in history. I mean people in free countries generally decided a generation ago that when Government has sole discretion over the supply of money, where it goes, and who gets it (especially when disconnected from effort, work, or accomplishment) that the only ones who end up doing better are those running for office. If you get enough people so brain washed and brain dead that they "think" that they can live off the great government udder, then those who give access to such will enlarge their power, capital, and position. These people are Marxists. Conversely if you empower people to provide, care, and steward themselves and their families - the need for government begins to fade. These two principles and world views will always be at war with each other on the fundamental basis: Marx says let the state provide for you, the Bible says if a man does not work--he should not eat.