Katie Kieffer

Some like it hot. Some like it cold. And the Tea Party likes it red-hot, as in, red states. Three energetic Tea Party candidates are heating up to beat RINOs and help return the U.S. Senate to a true conservative majority.

Rhinoceros horn is popular in Asia for its purported healing powers. Asian demand sends poachers to Africa to hunt the endangered animal. Last November, one Hong Kong poacher surrendered $2 million of illegal rhino horn to authorities. In the GOP, however, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are losing popularity. The RINO’s “horn” is compromise and Americans are tired of compromises like Obamacare. Americans want politicians who will just say “no” to socialism.

The GOP needs togain four seats this fall in order to take majority control of the U.S. Senate. To win these seats, I think the GOP must run authentic Tea Party conservatives. Leave the big-spending, EPA-kissing RINOs behind; they are unelectable. Here are three hot Tea Party Senate candidates that I believe can paint the political map red in November:

1.) Greg Sowards, The Reaganesque Businessman

Greg Sowards is the New Mexico GOP U.S. Senate candidate running against RINO career politician Heather Wilson in the June 5 primary. Like Reagan, Sowards’ easygoing confidence, respect for life, fiscal hawkishness and straight-shooting personality endear him to conservative and independent voters.

When I called Sowards at his New Mexico office to see if he was “for real,” he ensured me: “I’m not going there [the U.S. Senate] for re-election. ... I have six children and 20 grandchildren. I look at everything we spend as borrowed from the next generations. I will vote against bills that sound good but are really 5 percent good and 95 percent cancerous.”

My assessment is that Sowards is the fresh, electable voice for the GOP because he is a life-long entrepreneur who has been running successful businesses since college. Sowards is an inventor with five patents under his belt. 24 years ago, Sowards and his wife started a child-care business that today employs over 80 Americans, commands six facilities and cares for over 700 children. In Sowards, I think New Mexicans see a trustworthy, everyday job-creator to represent them in D.C.

Katie Kieffer

Katie Kieffer is the author of a new book published by Random House, LET ME BE CLEAR: Barack Obama’s War on Millennials and One Woman’s Case for Hope.” She writes a weekly column for Townhall.com. She also runs KatieKieffer.com.