Karen Lugo

The bold, bombastic style that has earned New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie much acclaim in the political bullpen excited conservatives when he used it to battle the unions and biased media agents. Now that Christie’s wrath is being vented on American citizens with legitimate concerns about political Islam and sharia law, however, there are questions about the principles driving the political star’s moral indignation.

First, Christie’s cognitive dissonance on the issue of Islamist activists is startling when compared to his fiery public employee union showdowns. Where Christie is apparently willing to overlook the organized and duplicitous tactics of the Islamists, he confronts the unions for utilizing the very same methods. Common to both movements is the lack of popular support for their initiatives, meaning coercive measures have become the most effective means to their ends. Both operations skillfully utilize grievance-driven political warfare that also promises a second wave of retaliatory action if the resistance is not subdued after the first assault.

While Christie is willing to call the unions on their extortionist tactics, he defiantly denies the similar Islamist methods. All who have the temerity to confront the Islamist plan to deploy sharia – as first expressed in the Muslim enclaves – bear the brunt of Christie’s public ridicule and are dismissed as “absolutely ignorant” or “crazy.” He has even declared the entire subject a no-go zone by dismissing concerns about the “sharia law business [a]s crap.”

Days ago, Christie again vented against those who criticized his appointment of a Muslim New Jersey superior court judge with questionable Islamist ties by taking a long-arm swipe at his detractors while endorsing Mitt Romney. The governor went so far as to stretch a comparison of any who would question Romney’s Mormon faith to those who “disparaged” his judicial appointment of American Muslim Union board member Sohail Mohammed. Among other suspect associations, as investigated by respected researchers and currently reported by Andrew McCarthy, Sohail was a legal defender of Hamas-enabler and Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Qatanani.

Karen Lugo

Karen Lugo is the Founder of the Libertas-West Project and a co-director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence.