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A private citizen armed with a gun for which he had a license, shot and killed two robbers in Reading, Pennsylvania this week.

Sooooo… OF COURSE… the families of the two dead ROBBERS want the citizen who shot and killed them charged with a CRIME.

I know, I know: The capitalized words bother me too, but I had to write it that way because, honestly, the story is just so retarded—read progressive-- that I feel compelled to use the liberal-needs font.

What crime, you ask, do the families of the dead guys want the citizen charged with? They’re really not sure, but they’ll get back to us just as soon as they consult the ACLU and the Department of Justice under Eric Holder.

Presumably the crime would be “Murder Of A Class Of People Who Might Vote For Democrats.”

And who knows? Win or lose, there might be some Obama vote pandering that can be done here.

Welcome to a Liberalville, USA where there are two classes of people: the victims and the rest of us who are expected to pay.

The two masked robbers—the alleged victims in this case-- had just exited a corner store in Reading when a concerned citizen—the alleged criminal in this case-- confronted them, and... shot 'em dead. No word yet whether the citizen was inside or outside the three point range. Good shot!

The getaway driver is now in custody.

According to police, who viewed videotape of the shooting, the citizen told the dudes with masks to stop right where they were, that he was going to call the police and that’s when a scuffle ensued.

John Ransom

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