John Ransom

Here’s some free market advice to GOP legislators at all levels thinking about introducing bills supporting the state health exchanges under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA): Be prepared to wear the “Care” moniker around your name. You know? As in HillaryCare, RomneyCare or ObamaCare.

Colorado’s Amy Stephens, a Republican state representative from El Paso County, was once considered a future Lt. Governor, or member of Congress. Instead, she may have flamed out her career by sponsoring a bill that would opt Colorado out of ObamaCare by implementing a so-called “health exchange” under PPACA.

Yet that didn’t stop the GOP establishment under Chairman Ryan Call in Colorado from recruiting Amy to run for United States Senate.

“In a Web ad announcing her candidacy,” reports the Denver Post, “Stephens calls Udall "out-of-touch" with the struggles of Colorado families and vows to ‘fight against Obamacare's negative impact on seniors, doctors, families and job creators until the day we're finally able to repeal it.’ But Stephens is certain to be lambasted by her Republican challengers for her sponsorship of a 2011 measure that set up the state's health insurance exchange — a key provision of President Barack Obama's signature federal health care law, upheld by the Supreme Court, that on Oct. 1 allowed participants to begin shopping for insurance plans.”

Because that’s what the U.S. Senate really needs: another sell-out GOP Senator who can’t contrast the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

RomneyCare, AmyCare, Obamacare. What’s difference?

This is how it happened: Someone in the Downtown Denver set-- GOP wing-- told Amy to carry the AmyCare bill and in return they'd carry her in a U.S. Senate bid. That's why Stephens was flanked by former U.S. Senator from Colorado Hank Brown, a former liberty activist and now just a bagman for the GOP, when she announced her candidacy for the Senate. Expect a stream of GOP types with nice hair and teeth to jump aboard like Brown did.

John Ransom

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