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XJ wrote: You too with the "Paying the Protestors" Really Johnny? You really don't have more basic common sense than that? Of course they dismissed it -- did the "Source Within The Group" come forward with credible proof? Nah -- these are the same people who claim that George Soros pays people like me to post on TH. And Hipster Beatniks? Those "Hipster Beatniks" are in their 60's and 70's now and they're still more hip than you'll ever be. Most of the occupiers are about 30-40 years younger. I'm guessing Ransom, you were the kid in school who was always the target of bullies, right?- in response to Protest This: Occupy Whatever and ACORN Search for a Few Fools

Dear XJ,

Man, I love it when liberals pop a cork like you have. Nothing does it like an Occupy Wall Street column.

Look, it’s pretty clear that the union tried to muscle their way into the Occupy protest with money. You think the NYCC just happened to be run by the people from ACORN and just happened to occupy the same address as ACORN and when confronted just happened to start the process of shredding documents?

Even Eric Holder would laugh at that defense.

The left wing has been very active spending money for ground troops over the last ten years. You can’t walk down the street in downtown Denver without some left-wing, dreadlock-wearing, white kid from the suburbs sticking a PETA or Greenpeace petition in your hand, an act for which they get paid.

They have been doing the same thing all around the country.

That’s fine and legal and all that.

But to pretend that you represent the 99 percent, when in fact you can’t get to 1 percent even when you offer to pay people during the worst economic recession in 100 years just shows how little people really embrace your lefty politics.

If you guys were really in sympathy with average people, you’d have huge crowds.

Like the Tea Party does.

Nothing gives you guys away worse than your bi-polar relationship with the Tea Party. On the one hand your excoriate it; on the other you are always trying to copy it.

Wow. It’s great to be a conservative right now.

As to the bully thing: No, never had a problem with bullies.


John Ransom

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