John Ransom

It's amazing how quiet liberals have become recently in defense of Obama. This was another "big speech" week, but we had no liberals out there defending the president.  

I don't know. Maybe as his own chief of staff, Bill Daley said, sometimes there is no defending the indefensible.

Kind of a weird admission for your own chief of staff to make, but it tells you exactly why Obama's in trouble.   

Dahni wrote: I'm beginning to think that Obama really isn't very smart, as proclaimed by many, and as indicated might be the case with his degree from Harvard. Cunning, immoral and self-loving might be much more accurate in describing him. He does so many things that I consider pretty stupid.- in response to Obama Proclaims: Stimulus Forever.

Dear Dahni,

I think even liberals are catching on to the fact that Obama isn’t what has been advertised.

I don’t know how smart you have to be to be president, but I think that maybe we could try someone who doesn’t have an Ivy League degree next time. More common sense, less education would be a great relief to the country. My understanding is that getting into Harvard is the hard part, but once in, they do what they can to grease you through.

Kind of like being an elite in America. 

That’s why I think your second point is the more salient.

Obama, his whole adult life, has been getting away with mediocrity disguised as brilliance by a practiced and nuanced cadence that he reads from a script. He’s gotten away with it because liberals are in love with the color of his skin, his romantic and mysterious background, his diversity. Now that he’s being graded like the rest of us are, he’s shown that he can’t adapt. He’s doing the same things he’s always done and those things just aren’t working.   

He has a lot of company though. The ruling class on both the left and the right are having trouble adapting to the age of the internet where communication has been democratized.

In the old days it used to be a handful of people in each city decided what made the news in the paper, on the radio and on TV. And another handful decided what you saw in the national news. But that’s not true anymore. Now thanks to the internet, there are so many outlets for news that we don’t have a small elite spoon feeding us “truth.” There is a real marketplace of ideas out there. And elites have not been able to adjust to the new circumstances.

John Ransom

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