John Ransom

A big week for the unions, with racketeering charges coming for the SEIU.

We heard from Illinios Roy, who I think  is really just Transport Secretary Ray Lahood in disguise.

Plus what week wouldn't be complete without someone comparing Republicans to Hitler?

Bob A. wrote: Just like America's Republican and Conservative leaders are working on, Hitler banned Unions and either jailed their leaders or executed them. That's why the Anti-American Corporate Masters and Owners of Republicans and Conservatives in the name of greed are moving millions of American jobs off shore to 3rd world countries where they can pay slave wages with no benefits and pollute to their hearts content.- in response to my column Obama Kills Another 500,000 Non-Union Jobs

Dear Bob,

I guessed I missed the part where Republicans banned unions and had people jailed or executed. But if they did that, then why would they need to move millions of jobs offshore for the Anti-American Corporate Masters?

What GOP governors did do was curtail the bargaining right for public employees, who have only relatively recently got the right to begin with. Imagine: FDRs New Deal didn’t include the right for public employees to publicly bargain. I thought he was a hero to liberals. I wonder why he didn’t include that in one of his reforms?

The GOP governors enacted refrom in part to stop abuses like the ones going on in Wisconsin where the union often is the only insurance provider for teachers for example. Some school districts were literally faced with paying the union higher healthcare premiums or laying-off teachers.

And we’re anti-teacher?

No, jobs are moving off-shore because the U.S. has a non-competitive corporate tax, the Obama administration has enacted more regulatory red tape than any previous administration even if you don’t include Dodd-Frank and Obamacare. So expect more jobs to move offshore.       

John in OK wrote: An interesting little tidbit just came to my attention: Illegals are going back to Mexico because the economy is doing BETTER there! Mexico has a 4.9% unemployment rate (compared to Obama's 9.2%) and their economy is growing at 4 to 5% (compared to .4% for The One.)- in response to my column Obama Kills Another 500,000 Non-Union Jobs

Dear John,

John Ransom

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