John Nantz

The Hamas propaganda machine is running full throttle, pumping out disinformation faster than their murderous barrage of indiscriminate missiles, tunneling like grubs into the psyche of the unsuspecting. Their fellow travelers and supporters in the establishment media are all too happy to carry Hamas' corpse-laden water.

Worse still are the useful idiots in our own government who parrot the terrorist narrative without so much as a moments reflection. Recently, the addled Nancy Pelosi mouthed what she'd been fed by the Qataris, claiming that "Hamas is a humanitarian organization." Simply astounding. Israel was most recently provoked by Hamas’ kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers who were shot and then buried in shallow graves. This atrocity was committed amid a constant barrage of rockets launched from Gaza, a Hamas stronghold. Yet Pelosi, in her dotage, mutters inanely about the nature of Hamas and continues to be taken seriously on networks such as CNN. Sadly, Pelosi is only one of a dissonant chorus of professional cacklers singing Hamas’ praise.

Not to be outdone by the dysfunctional Pelosi, Hillary Rodham Clinton weighed in for the professional pant-suit class. During an interview with Jorge Ramos, Hillary exercised her renowned powers of foreign policy analysis and produced a dazzlingly stupid assessment of the current conflict in Gaza. Hillary opined that rocket batteries were placed among Palestinian children because Gaza is “pretty small.” Apparently, Hillary subscribes to the Kim Kardashian doctrine on Mid-East conflict resolution. With such finely honed powers of deductive reasoning, it's no wonder that Hillary concluded that the Benghazi terrorist attack occurred spontaneously and not coincidentally on the anniversary of 9/11. She's the walking embodiment of the liberal dogma that intention always trumps capability or outcome.

For serious, thoughtful people, the idiocy of the Left comes as no surprise. What is surprising are comments from the Right calling into question the legitimacy of Israel's response in Gaza. Social media is rife with the sophomoric. There, it is especially true that many know just enough to be dangerous.

John Nantz

John Nantz is a graduate of Regent University School of Law and has served in the law enforcement community for 16 years. He lives in the Washington, D.C. area and can be found on Twitter @TheJohnNantz. In his spare time, John enjoys reading, martial arts, hiking, and piling up mounds of brass at the shooting range.