John Kass

When President Barack Obama and other Democrats began talking about raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour, I didn't believe them.

Instead, cynical thoughts came to mind, like "class war" and "November elections" and "pandering for votes."

But I've changed. Now I agree with the president, the national Democrats and the Chicago Way boys from Obama's political hometown.

Raise the minimum wage? You betcha.

But $10 an hour doesn't go nearly far enough.

Call me traitor or Mr. Bleepin' Capitulator, I don't care. Today I'm joining Obama and his national Democrats and the Chicago boys in supporting the minimum-wage hike.

A measly 10 bucks an hour? In a country as wealthy as the U.S.?

The minimum-wage number is decided on by politicians, not the free market. And since our politicians can raise the minimum wage as high as they wish, why stop at 10 bucks?

Why not $100 an hour?

That would make a lot of people happy.

For one thing, $100 is much nicer than $10. It's got more zeros in it, meaning you can buy more stuff.

Just imagine minimum-wage workers getting $100 an hour.

The old evil cynicism would end. Poverty would disappear. And the people would love their politicians. With everybody making $100/hr baseline, Obama might think about a third term.

Just forget what those know-nothing economists and business leaders say. What do they know about creating jobs?

Some will question my credentials, and, yes, it's true, I am not a former Enron adviser. But I have feelings too.

Raising the minimum wage to $100 an hour will actually create, rather than destroy, wealth.

Just whip out your calculator and you'll see that if you take $100 an hour and multiply that by 40 hours, it comes to, wait a minute ... wait ... let me push the button ... hey, it comes to $4,000 a week!

That's a little over $200,000 a year!

Since you can't very well pay everyone the same -- not yet, at least -- brain surgeons would get a big pay increase. Experts agree that brain surgery isn't exactly flipping burgers. Engineers would get an increase, too, as well as airline pilots, car salesmen, the Beanie Babies guy, strippers, even politicians.

We'd have so many millionaires in America that we couldn't count them all.

Just think of all that new wealth created instantly, without any real effort or sacrifice or planning, created solely because a few American politicians had the guts to do what should have been done just a few years ago when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House.