John Hawkins

When you think poor governance, you think liberalism. Barack Obama could fairly be called the worst President in history and one of his biggest competitors for that crown is Jimmy Carter, whose name primarily brings to mind the words "malaise," "hostage crisis," and "liberal peanut farmer." Lyndon Johnson? Other than the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which more Republicans voted for percentage-wise than Democrats, his presidency was a complete disaster.

Some Democrats might point out John F. Kennedy's time in the White House, but in all fairness, he'd probably have more in common with Republicans like Scott Brown or Chris Christie than he would with liberals today. Bill Clinton could fairly be called a liberal, but after the Republican Revolution of 1994 that came as a reaction to his liberalism, he was so chastened that he spent the last 6 years in the White House banging chicks and trying to fight off impeachment instead of pushing an agenda.

Of course, liberal incompetence isn't just confined to the White House. Who botched the hurricane preparation for New Orleans so badly that tens of thousands of people were stuck in a city built inside of a geological soup bowl when Hurricane Katrina rolled in? Liberals. Who bankrupted Detroit? Liberals. Why are states like Illinois, Michigan, and California on track to default on their debts in the next few years? Liberals.

Why are liberals so bad at governing?

1) Their political alliances require a lot of corruption: If you boil the political pitch liberals make down to its essence, it's basically, "Vote for us and we'll give you 'free' stuff and let you do whatever you want." Of course, somebody has to pay for all of the "free" stuff and as often as not, when you bend the law to let one person do whatever he wants, it gets done at someone else's expense. You want special privileges for the unions? You have to screw businesses to make it happen. You want gay marriage? Well, then you'll have to force Christians to violate their religious beliefs to get it. Want to give free contraception away? Then somebody has to pay for it and chances are, people think it's a dumb idea. Liberals believe in deciding who wins and who loses in society based on political concerns, not merit, and it shows in the mediocrity of their performance.

John Hawkins

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