John Hawkins

The only reason liberalism survives is because there's usually a good bit of lag between when a policy is being implemented and the time when the American people get to see the results. If Americans could somehow magically see what would happen in a decade or two after a liberal policy has passed, there would be no liberals left. Instead, back in the real world, liberals create or exacerbate disasters with their policies, blame everyone other than themselves, and then demand more government action to fix the problem they screwed up in the first place.

Barack Obama is a perfect example of how this works. This is a man who basically had carte blanche to do anything he wanted for the first two years of his presidency since Democrats controlled Congress by a large margin. Since then, Obama has probably gotten his way more than any President in modern history, even though he had to break and ignore so many laws that he created a constitutional crisis in the process.

So, how has all that unbridled liberalism worked out? Is Barack Obama wildly popular or is his popularity plunging? Are Americans congratulating Obama for all of his policy successes or are they baffled by how anyone could screw things up so badly? Are Democrats taking credit for all of Obama's wonderful policies or are they still trying to pass the blame to George W. Bush who left office 5 1/2 years ago?

Barack Obama may be good at campaigning and great at shifting the blame, but when it comes to governing, he can't do anything right. If you want to see what happens when a politician ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS puts raw politics and ideology above what's good for the country, take a look at just some of the disasters Barack Obama has created for America.

John Hawkins

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