John Hawkins

"The 'Gang of Eight' bill is not immigration reform. It is big government dysfunction. It is an immigration Obamacare. All advocates of true immigration reform — on the left and the right — should oppose it." -- Mike Lee

”On every major front, this legislation fails to deliver on its core promises. It delivers only for the special-interest groups who helped write it. Should it pass, it would represent the ultimate triumph of the Washington elite over the everyday citizen to whom Congress properly owes its loyalty.” -- Jeff Sessions

At a time when the Obama Administration is imploding under the weight of its own scandals and the GOP's odds of taking back the Senate in 2014 are rising almost by the day, it's incredibly ironic that the Republican Party is working with the Democrats on an amnesty bill that will depress the conservative base in 2014, permanently cement in a Democrat majority in America and give Barack Obama almost everything he wants in return for absolutely nothing of consequence.

It's at moments like these when you realize that Republicans really richly deserve to be called "the stupid party."

John Hawkins

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