John Hawkins

1) Ted Kennedy. Barney Frank. Rod Blagojevich. Eric Massa. Marion Barry. Dan Rostenkowski. Eliot Spitzer. John Murtha. Alcee Hastings. Anthony Weiner. James Traficant. Sandy Berger. Gerry Studds. Robert Byrd. Mel Reynolds. James McGreevey. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Robert Torricelli. Gary Condit. Bill Clinton. John Edwards. And those are JUST SOME OF THE ONES that got caught.

2) The estimated number of people killed in the Holocaust? 11 million. The estimated number of people who were killed in WWI? 37 million. The estimated number of babies who have been killed because of the Democrats’ beloved Roe v. Wade? 54 million.

3) The three worst Presidents of the last one hundred years have been Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson, in that order.

4) The Democrats in the audience actually BOOED GOD at their 2012 Democratic National Convention.

5) The Democrat Party's slogan in 1868: "This is a white man’s country: Let white men rule."

6) California is a large state with Hollywood, gorgeous weather, Silicon Valley, thriving farmers, dynamic ports and Los Angeles; yet the state is fast becoming a banana republic that will be incredibly fortunate if it can stave off bankruptcy for another decade. Democrats did that.

7) When the Social Security checks stop, your children are wearing rags and there are rampaging mobs burning things down because the government can't keep order, you can thank the Democrats for bankrupting America.

8) The Trail Of Tears.

9) The Democrats have blue as their party color when everyone knows they should be represented by red like the rest of the Commies.

10) The Democrats actually have taxpayer-funded abortion on demand right up until the day of birth in the party platform.

John Hawkins

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