Joe 'The Plumber' Wurzelbacher

My son Joey graduated from high school over the weekend. Pretty overwhelming.

In a million years my parents could not have imagined how my life would have played out and now I'm sitting here thinking of where my own son will be headed. I have two kids and I'm like you - everything I do, I do for them and without them there are a whole lot of important things I would have not done.

There's a lot of pessimism out there what with the fleecing of the taxpayer's by the banking industry, the continual fleecing of the taxpayer's by Congress, the fleecing of the taxpayer's by the Obama Administration, followed by – well, you get the picture. You can't make a move without reading about the grim job prospects for college graduates and with only a high school diploma – you might as well stay at your parents' house forever.

People think it's over for America, especially the kids themselves. There is an incredible amount of pessimism among high school graduates about what the future will be like. Unlike us, they flat-out do not expect to do better than the generation before them. These are not just a bunch of slackers wanting to lay around either – they want to work hard and do great things – but they truly believe it's stacked against them.

I don't believe that for a minute and in fact these kids could not be living in a better time. There is a destiny here that young people cannot see – but its right in front of them. Kids like mine who are going off to college, trade school or dipping their feet in the workforce on their own for the first time are about to see what it's like when America lights the fuse. This country is about to throw out the Maoist wannabes and send the other clowns packing.

My son Joey has no idea how good things are about to get.

Some background and cliché: This country outlasted the depression, defeated fascism, stared down any number of tyrants and armies salivating for what we have and beat them all back while liberating hundreds of millions of people along the way. In between we had some barbecue and watched a few seasons of Breaking Bad. You think they have Breaking Bad in North Korea? What are you, new?

Like any enterprise that gets a little fat around the waist, economic recession in America is a basic evil which keeps it a lean and competitive fighting machine. During a downturn, you find out what you really didn't need in the first place, the products that were a waste of time, some people who were taking you for a ride and money that was going out the door unnecessarily. It makes you come around.

I think we're wide awake here with this one.

Joe 'The Plumber' Wurzelbacher

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, famously dubbed Joe the Plumber, is a resident and a small businessman.