Jeff  Carter

Paul Ryan is a genuine person. Very down to earth. I have met him a couple of times. Physically, he is tall, around 6’2? and knows how to light up a room. He’s from Janesville, Wisconsin which is a farming/logistics hub on the interstate highway system. It’s about 2 hours from Chicago. On May 25th of last year, I called for Ryan to be the Presidential nominee, so obviously I like the pick.

Ryan understands economics. He also further understands the differences between viewing an problem in economic terms and in accounting terms. Democrats will castigate him on his Medicare plan or his budgets. However, they are looking at the world through the backward looking accounting that tells you where you have been, not where you are going.

This election isn’t about social issues. I saw a speech at the Chicago Economic Club lunch and Ryan hit it out of the park if you consider yourself “socially liberal and fiscally conservative”. At that lunch Ryan spoke at length about “managed scarcity” and “crony capitalism”.

The big government advocates, all Democrats and some Republicans, believe in centralized programs that will further stratify America. There will be an elite ruling class, and everyone else. Not a lot of income mobility, and most importantly, a massive loss of freedom. A society that is crippled with debt and government programs cannot possibly keep it’s freedom to choose.

Jeff Carter

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