Janice Shaw Crouse

The bloodshed of the thousands of late-term abortions that Dr. George R. Tiller of Wichita, Kansas, performs each year vastly eclipses the death toll from the struggle over the slavery contest in Kansas in the years immediately prior to the Civil War. The slaughter in Tiller’s abortion clinic — by his own account he has performed over 60,000 abortions, with a “special interest” and focus on “late-term” abortions — should justly revive the label of “Bleeding Kansas.”

It is hard to know what is in the mind of someone like George Tiller, the abortionist who for years has routinely killed the babies of women in the last stages of their pregnancies — seven, even eight months along. You certainly don’t need an ultrasound at this late date to see it’s a baby. At this stage of development, under the heroic care of skilled doctors and loving nurses, premature infants routinely survive an early delivery; there is no way to make the argument that it’s not really a baby.

If Tiller is sane, does he say to himself, “Any woman who waits this long to get rid of an unwanted child would make an unfit mother and the child is better off dead than in her care?”

Who knows? We can only go by what he has publicly decreed: “it is unplanned and unwanted motherhood that shipwrecks women’s lives.” It reminds me of Jonathan Swift’s saying, “I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed.”

So Tiller takes upon himself the role of God and condemns to death any innocent child whose mother chooses to label it as “unwanted.” Then he executes them. And now, a Kansas jury, looking only at the cold-blooded manipulation of the law, has set him free.

I recently saw a concise statement of the attitudes and values that allow this travesty of justice to continue — attitudes as degrading as those that promoted slavery, attitudes that led the jury to acquit Tiller. They are short enough to fit on a bumper sticker.

It is one of the vilest bumper stickers I’ve ever seen — not so much because it was blatantly crude or vulgar, but because of the sheer tawdriness of the philosophy of life that it espoused.

It brazenly proclaimed, “Just say ‘no’ to sex with pro-lifers.”

Janice Shaw Crouse

Janice Shaw Crouse is a former speechwriter for George H. W. Bush and now political commentator for the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee.
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