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"So Secretary of State Clinton, how did your much-reported travels help Ukrainian democracy take root and establish itself so that the inevitable Putin-push for domination of the former Soviet Republic could be resisted?"

Just another of a hundred questions Hillary won't get asked by her pals in the Manhattan-Beltway media elite preparing for the Restoration as her advance guard.

When in fact any sort of criticism of their leader surfaces, the old guard quickly forms up and open fires on dissenters.

Take Michelle Cottle, who labored diligently to defend the Clintons from her posts at the Washington Monthly and the New Republic in the '90s. Now she's carrying the Clinton torch at the Daily Beast.

In Cottle's star-struck eyes, I'm a "radio bomb-thrower" engaged in a pre-emptive war on Hillary for raising with RNC Chairman Reince Pribeus the inevitability of Hillary's nomination in 2016 and the need for the RNC to start preparing for it.

Imagine Cottle's fury as she read Politico Magazine's oh-so-mild dig at the do-nothing, hear-nothing, see-nothing former SecState by Susan Glasser: "Was Hillary a Good Secretary of State? And Does It Matter?" To Cottle and her fellow Clinton fangirls Glasser must just be another bomb-throwing assassin waiting to do whatever it takes to stop the ascension of the rightful occupant of the White House, 2017.

And poor Maggie Haberman and young Pete Dominick. Both were guests on my show and both threw what Cottle must conclude were their own bombs at Hillary.

Haberman was my guest on October 28. The full transcript is here. Here's the extended exchange with her because Haberman is a fine reporter and, unlike, Cottle, hasn't been part of the Team Clinton Annex in the Fourth Estate for 20 years:

HH: What is her biggest achievement as secretary of State?

Hugh Hewitt

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