Hugh Hewitt

Dianne Feinstein is outside, and she wants to come in and help.

Thats' right, one of the most ardent of the pro-Obamacare voices in the Senate now wants to join the self-appointed fire brigade trying to contain the five alarm blaze known as Obamacare.

This gang that had hitherto included only Senate Democrats desperately looking at their 2014 re-election campaigns being conducted in front of meetings full of cancellation-clutching, waiving fists. Folks like the hapless Mark Pryor of Arkansas, the smarmy Mary Landrieu and the utterly forgettable Kay Hagan want to lead the effort to save Obamacare.

The Keystone Kops of the Senate aren't going to stand by and let Harry Reid and the president cost them their cushy jobs and, crucially, their very nice health plans.

Other senators --senators who can be trusted to actually care about the full-on disaster that is Obamacare like Florida's Marco Rubio-- have been writing about what needs to happen. GOP leader Mitch McConnell knows exactly what Obamacare is --"a monstrosity"-- and is having fun with the fact that his opponent next fall is deeply committed to the fiasco that is the new anti-health care law. "The panic has set in," McConnell said of the suddenly Obamacare-aware Senate Democrats. "The troops are restless."

Bill Clinton is leading Team Clinton's pivot away from the disaster though that will be hard as Hillary is truly Obamacare's grandmother. Bill's swipe at the president yesterday came in an elegantly phrased deception, saying about young people specifically:

Hugh Hewitt

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