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Greg Sargent is a lefty blogger/reporter, but at least he is doing what every Beltway reporter ought to be doing on the Obamacare story right now --counting heads.

Who among House Democrats is with the President and the Speaker, and who among them have decided their re-elections matter to their families and their futures?

Sargent's The Plum Line is relaying every scrap of news and near-news about the intentions of key House members.

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Democrat Frank Kratovil of Maryland, Sargent reports, was a "No," and remains a "No," disappointing enthusiasts of the federal takeover of health care.

Aargent also relays that Shelley Berkeley of Nevada and Michael Arcuri of New York, both previous "Yes" votes, are said to be wavering and are getting hammered by their constituents activated by phone calls from the National Republican Central Committee. (Berkley's and Arcuri's contact information as well as the contact information for all Blue Dog Democrats and Democrats from "swing districts" who voted "Yes" in the Fall are listed here

. Please use it.)

I am checking Sargent's blog a few times a day, and I suspect many more are discovering he's doing his job and are rewarding him with visits and bookmarks.

President Obama's timetable calls for a mighty push to get the House to pass the Senate version of Obamacare by March 29, before the Easter recess. Once again Democrats are giving away the game by (1) postponing a key vote for weeks and (2) demanding it be held before Congressmen actually return to their districts to meet voters face-to-face. This strategy is the same one that has both failed to deliver a bill and enraged voters who, rightfully so, conclude that their "representatives" are doing everything they can to not represent them. As another wave of anger at being ignored gathers among voters, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are now candidly telling their troops that sometimes the sacrifice of a job is what is required to get things done. Not their job, of course, but sympathies and salutes will follow the willing cliff-jumpers.

Hugh Hewitt

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