Hank  Adler

Dear Bob:

I know you are terrified that Wednesday night’s debate will be a repeat of last week’s debate which allowed the candidates to simply respond with talking points. I therefore “know” you have been waiting for my list of questions for Wednesday night’s debate. I have left the economic crisis questions for you as I believe every possible question has already been asked and answered with respect to the candidates’ views on the economy. I also bow to your experience on international issues.

Below is my list. The questions are in no particular order.

The candidates will not be inviting you over for any social events very soon if you ask these questions, but you would be doing a great service to Americans who would like to know what the candidates think and not whether they can successfully couch an answer into a non-answer. My list is one which I would feel comfortable if the candidates saw the questions in advance, but you must insist on the specific crisp answers required. A specific response by a candidate that he is unwilling to answer the question based on the required brief answer is acceptable. A “no answer” would tell Americans a great deal about the candidate. As most of the questions should be responded to with a single word answer or a very crisp reply, you will still have time to cover all subjects in which you have personal interest:

1. Cabinet: Assuming they would be willing to serve, who would you favor to be your Attorney General of the Untied States and Secretary of State? Just the names of individuals who would be able to serve, not legendary deceased politicians, no discussion.

2. Energy: Are there any events that would encourage you to drill in Alaska? If yes, specifically and concisely, what events would cause you to favor drilling?

3. Guns: (a) Do you believe that every American, an adult and not previously convicted of a felony, should be able to own a handgun. (b) Do you believe that these Americans should be able to own a rifle or shotgun? (c) Do you believe that these Americans should be able to own an automatic weapon of any kind? Yes or no to each question.

4. Immigration: Regardless of any other Congressional actions taken to impact immigration, do you approve of and will you guarantee that to the best of your ability, the wall at our southern border will be completed by 2010? Yes or no. Please do not bore the listeners with a discussion of virtual walls.

5. Presidential Integrity:

Mr. Obama: Assuming a scenario of Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress, name a single piece of legislation that would likely come from that Congress which you would veto?

Hank Adler

Hank Adler is an Assistant Professor at Chapman University.

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