Gregg Jackson

Posted December 09, 2008

One favorite and generally accepted definition of insanity is to do something the same way over and over again expecting different results. And so it has been with the pro-life movement.

Posted August 07, 2008

Pastor Rick Warren will be hosting a “Compassion Forum” August 16th at Saddleback Church in California in which he will be asking questions to both presidential candidates Senators Obama and McCain.

Posted July 07, 2008

Sadly, many of the leading "conservative" and "Christian" pro-family organizations such as AFA, Liberty Council, ADF, FRC, ACLJ, and Focus on the Family have been in full surrender mode.

Posted May 29, 2008

Senator McCain, as an across-the-board conservative, I plan to vote for you in November—unless a more authentically conservative ticket emerges.

Posted March 19, 2008

McCain must resist the increasingly surreal hubris of GOP elites and choose a credible social conservative as his running mate.

Posted February 19, 2008

I for one am getting a little sick and tired of listening to the relentless screeds and caterwauling of these conservative elites who are in many regards totally disconnected from the conservative base.

Posted February 04, 2008

I'm putting principle above what they're calling "party loyalty" these days. I'm putting inalienable rights endowed by our Creator above my friendships with other conservatives in the media.

Posted December 11, 2007

The Mitt Romney candidacy is in its own surreal way like a re-enactment of the O.J. trial.

Posted November 14, 2007

According to Romniacs, anti-Mormon bigotry is: disbelieving Mitt is the Hillary-slaying savior-and it is the only reason he has a mere 12 percent national support among GOP voters.

Posted November 09, 2007

The media – liberal and conservative – have been a willing co-conspirator in keeping Mitt's governing record a secret. Am I suggesting the Romney campaign deliberately focused America on his being a Mormon to hide his record as governor? You decide.

Posted November 02, 2007

Why would an evangelical theologian step forward to become part of the Mitt Romney propaganda blitz trying to mislead evangelicals into doing what would shock most evangelicals in American history: elect a Mormon for president?