Frank Turek

Pascal said, “People almost invariably arrive at their beliefs not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what they find attractive.” So-called marriage “equality” is attractive. Who could be against equality?

But what if the word “equality” is being misused? What if that kind of equality will have the unintended consequence of hurting children, individuals and the nation? And what if everyone already has true equality?

True equality does not conflate people and behavior. People are equal but their behaviors are not. When liberals claim that certain sexual behaviors are equal – or that all outcomes must be equalized—they are misusing an important word and advocating a society that will ultimately smash itself into an unforgiving wall called reality.

Conservatives realize that for any long-term happiness to be possible, we must adjust our desired behavior to fit the unchanging laws of nature. Liberals mistakenly think we can adjust the unchanging laws of nature to fit our desired behavior.

I don’t question the motivation of liberals—in fact their intentions are often noble. But the problem lies with their definition of “equality” and the results of their policies. On the issue of marriage they want to legally equate biologically different behaviors, which ultimately will hurt everyone, especially children.

Last March I was asked by our local NPR affiliate to debate an attorney who was against the marriage amendment here in North Carolina. The debate was held at a theater in downtown Charlotte that held about 600. Despite the amendment passing comfortably a couple of months later, it seemed like 598 people in the theater that night were against me. That shows you who listens to NPR. (I still thank my Mom and Dad for showing up!)

The organizers gave me only nine minutes to make my case before the format degenerated into the Jerry Springer show. The time constraints made it impossible to cover the topic adequately. But like word constraints in a column, they force you to hone your position. This column and tomorrow’s column contain what I said that night, with a few minor edits.

Frank Turek

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