Frank Gaffney

            Q. What do Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Barack Obama have in common? 

            A. The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Democratic candidate for president of the United States of America have both chosen to spend much of their lives in the company of people who are virulently hostile to this country.  At least some of them seek to bring about, as Ahmadinejad puts it, a “world without America.”

            As it happens, Ahmadinejad will be given Tuesday a platform for his anti-American invective by the United Nations.  That organization increasingly not only shares a generalized transnational ambition to transform a sovereign, powerful United States in favor of one-world government.  Worse yet, thanks to the growing petro-wealth and aggressiveness of the leaders of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the UN is actually starting to accommodate itself to that bloc’s ambition to have the new world order be arranged according to the totalitarian program the Iranian and other Islamists’ call Shariah.

In the early days of the Iranian revolution, Ahmadinejad was a street thug (and, according to some Americans taken hostage in the U.S. embassy in Tehran, one of their tormentors) in the service of the radical Shiite Islamist, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.  Ever since, he has been rewarded for his loyalty to the most intolerant strains of Islam and for his hostility to the “Great Satan.” 

            Today, that service continues as the front-man for the current ruling theocracy, led by another radical cleric, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.  The Iranian regime is not content with having Mahmoud Ahmadinejad touting repeatedly its determination to bring about a world without America – and, by the way, without Israel, either.  It is acting to acquire the capability to fulfill these genocidal threats with the development and deployment of the means of launching unimaginably destructive nuclear attacks against these nations. 

Frank Gaffney

Frank Gaffney Jr. is the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy and author of War Footing: 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World .
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