Elisabeth Meinecke

I think we witnessed a miracle last night.

I'm not talking about Tim Tebow's incredible 95-yard game-winning drive. I'm talking about the fact that Tebow got at least two NFL Network football analysts and stellar former players—Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin—discussing God on a post-game football show. Overall, the analysts were flabbergasted by what they saw in Tebow's performance.  They couldn't explain it.

But they could sense something was different. I've watched football religiously growing up. I've never seen a cluster of NFL analysts, most of them former players and coaches, so star-struck as when Tebow came on set last night after the game. After he left the set, Rich Eisen was at a loss for words.

To stats and football experts, Tebow's 4-1 record seems so complicated. But it's really very simple.

People enter life with different gifts. Some get Heidi Klum knockout looks. Some get Steve Jobs' innovative genius.

Passion and faith are gifts. So are work ethic and the ability to inspire people. And Tebow has a superhuman capacity for all four.

You will never completely understand Tebow, how he wins, and how he plays the game, by looking at statistics in the NFL. It's a passing league, and Tebow isn't a passer. It's a league where a quarterback should be able to scramble, but not run (ask Michael Vick). It's a league where a guy who only completes two passes in a game shouldn't win that game. I know the game; I know it's foolish to think a player like the one described above will succeed. Initially, it defied common sense.

But now, several analysts are the ones defying common sense. Stop wasting energy trying to explain Tebow in only the way described above. Stop being so unoriginal. Human beings, in addition to physical ability, have a mental and spiritual component. Way too often, that third component is underdeveloped. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. When experts do talk about it in the NFL, they often call it 'character.' Kurt Warner, in fact, told Townhall Magazine earlier this year that character isn't weighed heavily enough in the NFL.

Elisabeth Meinecke

Elisabeth Meinecke is TOWNHALL MAGAZINE Managing Editor. Follow her on Twitter @lismeinecke.