Edward White

Heading into the oral arguments in the ObamaCare case last week, it seemed that Liberals thought the case was in the bag. Their attitude was, as Nancy Pelosi once stated, when brushing off a question about whether the individual mandate is constitutional, “Are you serious? Are you serious?”

Things apparently did not turn out as Liberals had expected at the oral arguments.

Almost immediately after the oral arguments had concluded, Liberals began expressing their shock that the Supreme Court might actually invalidate all or part of ObamaCare. It was as if the thought had never crossed their minds.

The initial recipient of the Liberal outrage was Solicitor General Donald Verrilli. Rather than acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, their positions in the case lack legal merit, Liberals decided to make the Solicitor General the scapegoat. They claimed he “choked” during the oral argument and “blew it” and that “his defense of Obamacare . . . may go down as one of the most spectacular flameouts in the history of the court.”

After scapegoating the Solicitor General, Liberals then engaged in damage control, which included distancing themselves from ObamaCare as quickly as one moves away from someone with body odor. Remarkably, Liberals began calling ObamaCare a “bi-partisan bill”. Liberals made this claim despite the fact that ObamaCare was passed without one “yes” vote by a Republican in the House or in the Senate. Only Democrats voted in favor of the bill. A Democrat President signed it into law. ObamaCare is theirs and theirs alone.

Next, Liberals began waging a publicity campaign, in both the “old” and “new” media, in a post-oral argument attempt to convince the Justices not to invalidate ObamaCare, even if the Constitution supports such a decision.

Edward White

Edward White is an accomplished attorney with a 20-year legal career that includes extensive experience with federal law.