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The following was taken from my bestseller, “Raising Righteous And Rowdy Girls.” I thought it was apropos given the anti-gun hysteria that has ensued since the Uzi accident. Here's how I prepped my girls growing up should the crap ever hit the fan and they needed to defend themselves with a gun. Enjoy.

The carrying of a deadly weapon and the ability to have within your hand the wherewithal to remove a person from the planet is a sobering cup of Joe. I know you’re thinking, “Why, thank you Captain Obvious. I wouldn’t have seen that if you hadn’t pointed it out to me.”

Because the topic of sending a felonious wanker to an early grave is indeed grave, you need to sit down with your daughter and ask her this question: Would you shoot to kill a person if they were going to do you or others physical harm? Because, duh, that’s the whole point of carrying a gun. She should have the attitude that, “I dont want to use it but should I have to I’m mentally prep’ed.” If she’s not psychologically “there” then you sure don’t want to put a gun in her hands because it not only is useless (as she will not use it for what it is intended for, namely to kill a bad guy), but it also could be snatched out of her hand and used against her.

So, first things first, father: If your girl is going to carry a weapon or have one in her house, then she had better perform the proper mental gymnastics necessary for her to move into Dirty Harry mode if things should go to hell in her presence. There’s no time for contemplation in such a situation. When the smack hits the fan, it happens fast. Is she ready?

If your daughter cannot see herself actually using the weapon she is carrying then she has no business having a piece on her person. Yep, she had better stick with knowing martial arts or sporting a Taser C2 or having Cujo go on the defense for her against the obstreperous because the prerequisite mindset for the serious gun owner is: I have no problem using it if a stupid, stupid felon forces my hand.

For those girls who have made the leap into the “I’ll turn him into worm food and not bat a false eyelash” mode, let’s talk about guns. This is one of my favorite topics: discussing with good folks the proper personal weaponry to sport so that they radically decrease the likelihood that they will ever be victimized by a dumb dude trying to hurt them.

Getting Started

Dad, before you get your girl a gun, take her to a gun store or a gun range where they have several calibers, makes and models to choose from and have her try all the ones that are made for self defense.

Doug Giles

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