Doug Giles

If I ever become president, and my posse and I get busted via email lying about the root cause of how four Americans, including one of our ambassadors, got slaughtered during an organized, Muslim terrorist attack in Benghazi on September 11th, I sure as heck hope an old, gross, super-rich, turkey-necked, xenophobe goes on some crazy, bigoted tirade to his younger side-chick and she records it and sells it to TMZ who then releases it the same week the damning report of my negligence and deception comes out – because that abso-frickin'-lutely is all that it took for the MSM to snub the Benghazi email story about Obama and his culpable team of crap-slingers and over-report the LA Clippers' owner’s racist rant. A rant that was so vile and heinous that it rivaled one of Harry Reid’s or Al Shaprton’s “hate speeches.”

In all fairness, the MSM and the various cable “news” outlets didn’t totally brush off the incriminating Benghazi cover-up email. They did report on it. Being the good state run media outlets of the Obama regime that they are, they did what any good spin-doctor would do and changed their talking points from blaming a clumsy YouTube video to now accusing FOX News.

I wish Tim Roth’s show, Lie to Me, was still on the air, because they’d be having a field day with last Wednesday’s presser where ABC’S Jon Karl grilled Jay Carney. Geez, Lie To Me could have done another entire season dedicated solely to Carney’s haggard deception, as that weasel was slinging more crap that morning than a cat trying to bury diarrhea in wet sand.

Speaking of despicable liars, did you see the former White House National Security Council spokesman, Tommy Vietor, go toe-to-toe with Bret Baier last Thursday over the cooked talking points regarding the Benghazi massacre? Tommy’s retort, when pressed to the mat by Bret, was, “Dude, this was like two years ago?

Question: When did Spicoli get a haircut and go to work in DC for the NSC? And who the hell talks like that on such a serious issue? I'll tell you whom: A ragamuffin from Obama’s House of Clowns.

For those of you who don’t give a flip about Obama’s demonic obfuscation and are antsier about whether or not Kim Kardashian upgraded her butt implants, let me inform you why the Benghazi Massacre and its subsequent cover-up matter.

Doug Giles

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