Doug Giles

It was tough picking a Liberal to lampoon for today’s column. Yes, children, the chum slick was thick this week, and I was tyrannized with too many options upon which to opine for my 900-word screed.

For instance, one of the things I wanted to write about was how James O’Keefe handed NPR their testicles in his undercover video slam-dance that finally showed America these taxpayer-funded weasels for the anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti- Second Amendment, Muslim Brotherhood courting radio rats we’ve always known them to be. That was a tempting topic.

Yep, should I spotlight how we now have these “elites” (in their own words) showing and telling the earth how the darlings on the Left loathe America and will sidle up with avowed Islamic enemies of the State?

To add to my topical angst, O’Keefe then volleyed a second devastating video into the fray further enticing me to scribble about how NPR’s chief slippery chick Betsy Liley lied to us all by saying that NPR wouldn’t take the cash from the faux Muslim Brotherhood ops all the while working behind the scenes with them as “anonymous donors” (wink, wink) and thereby lying, not only to us, but to the government. Yep, NPR was going to accept a Muslim Education Action Center donation and hide it from the government. Should I write about these two juicy nuggets? Nah, it’s been thoroughly covered by now.

What finally drew my ire and ink was the underreported story about how, according to Alan M. Gottlieb, Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), the Obama Administration and members of Congress are still trying to take away our Second Amendment rights, especially in the wake of the Tucson shootings.

And I quote: “The ATF has a very political agenda in mind, and that is to take away your gun rights—even if it means allowing gun sales to criminals so they can present ‘evidence’ to the administration that the Second Amendment should be restricted or abolished!”

For instance, Gottlieb reports:

On December 14, 2010, Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry was shot as he tried to capture heavily armed “bandits” targeting illegal immigrants trying to get across the border near Rio Rico, Arizona. He died the next morning. It was a tragic incident that occurs frequently on our southern border, made all the more tragic

Doug Giles

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