Doug Giles

Followers of the Religion of Peace are currently going nuts in Egypt, aren’t they? Isn’t it weird that when Muslims start burning crap down that the Blame Stream Media (BSM) calls them “revolutionaries, lovers of freedom, peace, kitty cats and cotton candy,” and an “oppressed people” who “yearn for democracy”?

Really? They hanker for “democracy and freedom,” do they? All of them? Is that why they’re destroying their cities, cutting the heads off mummies, tossing Molotov cocktails at each other, breaking into Ramses’ tomb and riding high-speed camels through stick wielding mobs while screaming in tongues?

What’s interesting to me is listening to the Left explain this Muslim mayhem, murder and demolition. The lovelies on the Left find this revolt understandable and thus celebrate it because they have abracadabra’ed all those involved in Mubarak’s overthrow into liberty lovers—and thus this ferocious unrest is legit.

The ironic thing is that the selfsame media mooks who wink and nod at this “democratic revolt” get apoplectic when a patriotic Betty White opposes our oppressive government at a Tea Party by singing “God Bless America” while holding a sign that says, “Hope & Change This.” Yep, according to the media’s spinmeisters, granny is gonzo, her actions are inexcusable, and she’s to be feared and watched.

Another thing that’s strange to moi is how the media and Obama’s Administration didn’t seem so supportive of the secular revolutionaries who also longed for freedom from Iran’s mucked-up mullahs during their last “election.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you cats stood idly by and didn’t say diddly as students got beheaded, shot and tossed off bridges in their quest for liberty from Islamic oppression. I don’t remember Obama telling Ahmadinejad to bow out. Why the silence on Iran and the giddiness over Egypt, eh Lefties?

My concern (as well as that of many others who are watching this revolt go down in real time) is this: if Mubarak splits then who, pray tell, is going to fill that governmental vacuum? ElBaradei? George Washington? George Michael? Rumpelstiltskin? Ron Paul’s Egyptian cousin Abdul Rafiki Paul? Who? I won’t even venture to guess what unlucky person gets that temporary gig, but I will go out there on a limb and tell you what political party, I believe, is going to rule that roost. Y’all ready? Drum roll, please: The Muslim Brotherhood. They seem to be the only polity over there that has their crap together. And I do mean crap.

So, who is this Muslim Brotherhood? Well, if you listen to the wizards on the Left they’re just some dudes in the Middle East trying to make sense of it all politically and create a better tomorrow “for the people.”

Doug Giles

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