Doug Giles
Guys, we’re told, can be difficult to buy for during Christmas. I hear the fussy metrosexuals are especially tough to please. The patriots I run with, however, are pretty easy to satisfy. Herewith are my suggestions for what to get the man on your list who doesn’t mind being a man but rather celebrates the gift of living in the God-blessed testosterone fog.

A good pair of boots: The Courteney Boot Company of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe has crafted classic hunting boots for the last 120 years that are tough, durable, comfortable and great looking. They smack of romance and adventure. Boot companies don’t make them like this anymore, period. This line is a product of the African bush; it’s a rough shoe made of raw game hides; it has an outward-flanged construction; the upper is sewn to the sole and insole to create an extremely comfortable weatherproof boot, impervious to bush thorns, the bite of snakes and insects, and the harsh terrain. It is a highly individual, comfortable and practical boot.

A nice rifle: A great rifle for the serious hunter on your list is the Ruger #1 single shot. The Ruger #1 sets the standard for American-made single-shot rifles. Its chambering runs from the diminutive .204 Ruger to the stonking 450/400 Nitro Express. With the #1 you can find the configuration that is best for you—or you can collect them all. The marksman who owns a #1 rifle values high-quality American craftsmanship, has pride of ownership, and demands reliable, accurate performance. The #1 delivers all of the aforementioned in a sleek, beautiful package that’ll make you the envy of the campfire.

A great knife: The Folding Damascus Knife by J. L. Powell is inspired by old English shotguns with damascus barrels. JLP commissioned British knife maker Purdey to build them a knife entirely of damascus steel: “Whether you’re carving up a stick or that grouse for dinner, you’ll want your grandkids to have this locking three-inch blade at some point.”

A few good books:

1. The Holy Bible. Spend the cash and get your man an exclusive calfskin Bible from has re-bound a series of limited edition Bibles in their finest calfskin. This calfskin matches the leather on the Signature Series Bibles and the Thompson Chain Reference calfskins. These Bibles are exclusive to and cannot be purchased outside of their official sites. They are not carried in stores. A Bible is a great gift, especially in these epic times. Build your life on the Rock of the Word of God.

Doug Giles

Doug Giles is the Big Dawg at and the Co-Owner of The Safari Cigar Company. Follow him onFacebook and Twitter. And check out his new book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation.