Doug Giles

This week at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama waxed eloquent on the need for more “civility” in the national discourse, to which Rahm Emanuel replied, “That’s effing retarded.”

Later that day Emanuel, in homage to Obama’s exhortation to be more mannerly, stabbed a tarpon in the eye with a butcher knife and had it UPSed overnight to Scott Brown’s D.C. office while screaming, “I got your manners right here, mama!”

When the NBC execs who head up the PR arm of Obama’s political agenda heard the call for courtesy, they cried, “Yes, civility! Finally! We need more of that civility crap and no more of FOX News’ insensitivity!” Feeling good about themselves and their fresh focus on being sensitive to other folks’ feelings, they pranced down to the NBC commissary for a lunch of fried chicken and collard greens to celebrate Black History month. Mmm… mmm… mmm… Barack Hussein Obama!

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Mary Landrieu was also reported as being down with Barack’s call for civility at the Prayer Breakfast, stating, “I firmly believe that for our nation to move forward we need more manners in the national discussion.” She went on to say, “Um … by the way, how much do I get if I act polite?”

My sources could not confirm these supposed comments by Landrieu because her phone lines haven’t been working ever since Reid waved $300 million under her snout. What can be confirmed, though, is that Scary Mary told the republicans to “shut their mouths on the senate floor” this week and to quit making fun of her for jumping on a bribe like a catfish on a ball of stink bait.

Additionally, it has been established that she does hate James O’Keefe’s guts for drawing even more attention to how creepy she truly is with her “dead phone BS” that she’s unsuccessfully tried to pawn off on her very savvy and now extremely pissed constituents.

More civility, eh Mr. President?

When I hear the president call out for civility it reminds me of Wile E. Coyote trying to work himself into the good graces of the Road Runner by wearing a Little Bo Peep costume.

Civility? Please.

Doug Giles

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