Derek Hunter

Elizabeth Warren, anti-capitalism crusader and U.S. Senate candidate from Massachusetts, claimed she is the author of the intellectual foundation for OWS. As the arrests, violence and bodies continue to pile up, she’s walked that back some, but she did say it and did mean it, and, in many ways, it is true.

So it does make sense the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency made by and in the image of Warren, would be a kindred spirit to the mutants of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Like Warren, the White House has gone largely silent on the “Occupiers.” The daily news of overdoses, sexual assaults and rape charges is not something any White House wants to be associated with (with the exception of the Clinton White House, of course). But when it comes to replacing Warren at the CFPB, the Obama administration remains concerned about what the encamped body-lice-infested minority thinks.

According to the Huffington Post the White House, in its push to get Richard Corday confirmed by the Senate to head the CFPB, has as much as admitted it.


On Thursday, top members of the Obama administration's communications and economic team held a conference call designed to put pressure on Senate Republicans to confirm Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


At one point during the call, the question was raised: To what extent has the Occupy Wall Street movement affected the politics of Cordray's stalled nomination?


"The sentiments that lots of people who are out there as part of 'Occupy Wall Street' have -- not just on Wall Street but on Main Streets across the country -- those sentiments are shared by lots of Americans," said one of the spokespeople. "Having Richard Cordray in place obviously would help them."


And therein lies the rub. We now have an agency, set up by an anti-capitalist crusader, that has unprecedented power over a major segment of our economy. And the Obama administration wants to put a man in charge of that agency who would “help” the agenda of the anti-capitalist protestors.

Derek Hunter

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