Daniel Doherty

The famous humorist Will Rogers once said, “We always want the best man to win an election. Unfortunately, he never runs.”

And for many Republicans, that seems to be the maxim of 2012.

Last Tuesday, eight Republican candidates seeking the Republican nomination – excluding former Utah governor Jon Huntsman – faced off at the CNN/WRLC GOP debate in Las Vegas, NV. The fiery discussion, which drew 5.5 million viewers, was by far the most engaging and spirited event of the 2012 primary season.

Now, with the GOP field purportedly established and only three months until voters cast their ballots at the Iowa Caucus – Republicans across the nation are evaluating each candidate, assessing their strengths, weaknesses, and ability to lead during these difficult and uncertain times.

While I personally like many of the candidates, and would vote for any of them over the current occupant of the White House, there seems to be one contender, above all others, who has the means, experience and determination to defeat President Barack Obama in 2012. And that candidate is Mitt Romney.

The most striking difference between Governor Romney and his Republican rivals, in my opinion, is his ability to raise money and garner endorsements. The key to any successful campaign – as history suggests – is procuring political donations. Indeed, since the exodus of GOP favorites such as Mitch Daniels, Haley Barbour, and Chris Christie from the national stage, Mitt Romney has received more than $32 million in financial contributions. Although Romney’s campaign has raised significantly less money than President Obama, he holds twice as much in his coffers as Texas governor Rick Perry, who finished second amongst Republicans with $17.2 million.

Daniel Doherty

Daniel Doherty is Townhall's Deputy News Editor. Follow him on Twitter @danpdoherty.

Author Photo credit: Jensen Sutta Photography