Crystal Wright

It’s ironic America’s first black president, who has done nothing but further polarize race relations in this country, would use the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington to reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy. President Barack Obama isn’t worthy of clinging to King’s coat tails much less elevating himself to same stratosphere of King.

King used race to right wrongs and genocide committed against blacks in America while Obama uses race for his own self-aggrandizement to win elections, raise his poll numbers and feed his ego. Two very different men. Obama is NOT the next King and never will be.

In his August 28, 1963 “I Have A Dream” speech, King said America had “defaulted on its promissory note,” of equality to blacks. Standing before a sea of 250,000 people of all colors “lining the edges of the reflecting pool beneath the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and stretching back to the Washington Monument (Shocking the Conscience, p.224), King demanded Congress pay its debt to blacks which Democrats had denied for decades. “And so, we've come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.”

King’s message was clear that day and every day he fought during the civil rights movement, he wanted blacks to be treated as equals, not as inferiors, to whites! He wanted blacks “not to be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character” and to access the same opportunities as whites based upon the reality we are all equal. That hot day in August, blacks “were demanding—freedom, jobs housing, desegregated schools, first class citizenship, the fight to vote, equal access to all public accommodations, an end to police brutality and that Congress pass the pending civil rights bill,” (Shocking the Conscience, p. 224).

This is the exact opposite of what Barack Obama and Democrats’ fight for blacks 50 years after King’s speech. Obama’s fight against voter ID laws, speaking out on the Trayvon Martin case, among other issues makes blacks the perpetual victims, inferior to whites, incapable of being held to the same standard of personal responsibility without some government assistance. King, Freedom Riders, Emmett Till, and the four young girls killed by a bomb that exploded in Birmingham’s Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, didn’t die so blacks like Obama could make excuses for why blacks are failing now to participate equally in America.

Crystal Wright

Crystal Wright is author of the newly released book Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division. She is also the principal owner of the Baker Wright Group, LLC , a full service public relations firm, specializing in communications counseling, media relations, message development, media training and crisis communications. The firm’s approach is straight forward: an unvarnished approach to public relations.