Crista Huff

The zoopolitical realm has never been so crowded. Leftists, liberating themselves from the center-feigning overtures of the past and promoting, now without shame, the ideas that made Europe what it is, have never been more proud to call themselves Democrats or more willing to exercise the obstinate defiance so characteristic of their mascot. After all, the Democrats now possess the “Office of the President Elect,” the Senate, the House, the public schools, the universities, the mainstream media, more than a few ardent activist judges, PBS, and, most importantly, the holy grail of Democratic politics – the adoration, endorsement, and promised fraternity of virtually every socialist, non-democratic, and totalitarian nation in the global village. The world, it seems, is quite literally theirs to lose.

On the other hand, less fanciful Democrats, who understand all to well that their party passed on a qualified candidate with actual experience in favor of one banking on his magical, almost iconic, charisma, lick their wounded PUMA paws and wonder what the remnants of their party will do when the realities of governance overpower the effervescent glamour of a well-played campaign drama. They fear, if quietly, that their party has over-played its hand and will indeed lose the world in due course.

And then there are the rarest creatures of them all, those elusive phantoms, the genuine Republican elephants, who stare incredulously into the hollow eyes of the great grey beasts that have overtaken their party and ask – “hey, who invited the RINOs, and where did they get those fake trunks?” It seems that only now the true conservative Republicans are beginning to realize that while they slept, they lost their souls. Indeed, they can scarcely call themselves “conservative” anymore, because there is very little left to conserve.

In practice, there is very little left of the founding principles. The Founders simply would not recognize the eternally-evolving ethereal cacophony of politically correct juris-imprudence that the left now calls the Constitution. One can imagine the disbelieving reply of a Signer of the Constitution: “A fundamental right to brutally take the life of an unborn child? . . . A fundamental right to have the state steal from one citizen to give to another? . . . The ability to tax a church into oblivion if it dares speak out against a political candidate? . . .The power to force the removal of the Ten Commandments from the public square? . . . What?. . . In the Constitution we wrote?. . . Heaven forbid!”

Crista Huff

Crista Huff is a retired stockbroker from a NYSE member investment firm. She writes about market-timing at Goodfellow LLC and is active politically.
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