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Lee Strobel earned a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale Law School, became the award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and was a spiritual skeptic until 1981. I recently read his short 91-page booklet titled "The Case for Christmas," in which he viewed the sacred holiday as an investigative journalist and interviewed scholars on the heart of its meaning. You can call his book "The Rationale, or Reason, in the Reason for the Season."

Strobel explained in his Introduction, "Essentially, that's what I did for a living as a Tribune reporter -- investigate claims to see if they're true, separate rumors from reality, and determine facts from fiction."

As an atheist and crime reporter for The Tribune, Strobel first set out to disprove and discredit the Christ in Christmas, but ended up writing in favor of him in face of the compelling evidence. Strobel commendably allowed even his own bias to be confronted by his investigation.

Strobel's historical examination led him to do research in four primary areas and proofs: the eyewitness evidence, the scientific evidence, the profile evidence and the fingerprint evidence. Behind each of those four proofs were these four questions:

-- Can the biographies of Jesus (in the bible) be trusted?

-- Does archaeology confirm or contradict Jesus' biographies?

-- Did Jesus fulfill the attributes of God?

-- Did Jesus match the identity of the Messiah?

I recommend a complete reading of Strobel's booklet because there's so much more evidence in it to be examined and pondered. Nevertheless, I grabbed a few of the experts' answers to those questions and highlighted them here in my Christmas column.

-- Can the biographies of Jesus (in the bible) be trusted?

Craig Blomberg, who received his Ph.D. from Aberdeen University in Scotland and later served as senior research fellow at Cambridge University, is one of the foremost authorities in our country on Jesus' biographies. In "The Case for Christmas," Dr. Blomberg explained to Strobel that, as with some of the best works of antiquity, Jesus' biographical accuracy is based upon eyewitnesses. The fact is two of the Gospels or accounts about Jesus (Matthew and John) were authored by first century eyewitnesses of his life. The other two Gospels (Mark and Luke) were written by men of high repute who compiled firsthand eyewitness evidence.

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