Burt Prelutsky

Some cynics insist that there are no longer standards in our society. I disagree. We have plenty of standards, but they’re double standards. For instance, there’s one for blacks and one for whites, one for Christians and another for Muslims and atheists, one for conservatives and one for liberals.

For instance, if a white person speaks critically even about black thugs, crack dealers and unwed teenagers, he’s immediately tarred as a racist. Blacks, on the other hand, are not only free to denounce whites, but they’re lionized for their efforts. Recently, a black ex-professor, while on a panel at Howard University’s law school, claimed that whites had a plan to kill blacks -- and the only solution to the problem was for blacks to exterminate the entire white race. C-Span saw fit to broadcast his insane diatribe, sharing his hate speech with its worldwide audience. Can you in your wildest dreams imagine their covering a Klan convention? No, neither can I.

Every black minister can count on being trotted out for photo ops every time a Democrat runs for dog catcher, but let a white parson speak out on an issue, and leftists start running around, screaming about separation of church and state.

If a Christian wears a cross in the work place, the ACLU will be only too happy to nail his hide to the wall of the nearest courthouse. But let a 25-year-old Muslim with a Syrian passport be searched at the airport, and the liberals will hold a candlelight vigil in his honor.

Another obvious example of double standards can be seen in the way the major media reacts to misdeeds, depending upon whether they’re committed by those on the left or the right. For example, ever since the election of 2000, the media has been all a-twitter about Cheney’s connection to Halliburton, but the fact that Bill Clinton was on more intimate terms with Communist China than he was with Monica Lewinsky barely caused a ripple of indignation at the New York Times or the Washington Post.

Besides which, Halliburton, in case you hadn’t noticed, was doing better during the 1990s with a Democrat in the White House than it’s done with Cheney just a heart beat away from the presidency.